Setting up Gridsome ✨

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Few months ago I've created this blog to actually write. Left it behind for a few months and now that I finally want to commit to it - how did I do it again?

Three or four months ago, I bought my dev domain thinking that I should really start blogging again. I kind of missed writting about programming - and it is actually an awesome way to force you to learn and understand things deeper.

Then, I was searching for some wordpress solutions - I wanted something simple and focused in writting, avoiding at all costs having to manage hosting and wordpress solution itself... As I was not sure about the commit and effort that I was able to put on it, I decided that it was going to be too much for a simple blog holding maybe one post or two.

For my blog, I really only need some static files, so I browsed the available static files generators at and went with Gridsome - As a side note, Static Gen is an awesome compilation of every major generator available at this moment, defenitely worth taking a look 😉

I started looking for cheaper or even free hosting solutions 💸 Then I thought that this would be an awesome excuse to try out Netlify - the all in one platform for modern web projects.

So I created a new project using Gridsome and with automatic deploys to netlify.

Easy as:

  1. gridsome create my-gridsome-site
  2. Create a new git repository, push the changes to the remote.
  3. Go to Netlify dashboard and then click on new site from git.
  4. Setup automatic deployments and change build settings. Go to settings, build and deploy and then change both Build command: gridsome build and publish directory: dist 🎉